Spotify says payment failed, but got charged


Spotify says payment failed, but got charged


Hey, I just got an email that says my monthly payment for Premium was unsuccessful, although on that very moment I've got the mail, also got the notification that my card was charged with EUR 2.49. My profile also says that it was unsuccessful, and will try again later. But I've already paid! Will I be charged twice then? Or the first payment will be reverted? What's happening now?

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Re: Spotify says payment failed, but got charged

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Hey @barnade95 thanks for reaching out to the community,


Can you doulbe check to make sure the payment was not refunded sometimes it will charge you and then refund it. 


If your having trouble paying, can you try:


-A different device

-Different Internet Connection

-Ingocnito mode/Different Browser

I’d also recommend checking out this article for payment troubleshooting steps.
There’s also some specific subscription-related troubleshooting over at our Spotify Answers board.


If your sure that is was not refunded I’d recommend reaching out to Spotify for more help with this. You can find some more info here on how to do this. 


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