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Spotify suddenly thinks I am in Malaysia

Spotify suddenly thinks I am in Malaysia

I am in the UK and currently on the Free plan (having been on Premium a number of times before).  When I go to upgrade to Premium again, it thinks I am in Malaysia and offers me a subscription in Malaysian currency.  My Account still shows that I am based in the UK, though.

Anyone have any idea what's causing this?  I have tried using a different browser, but get the same result. 

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Hey @user-removed ,

Thanks for reaching out.


I recommend making sure that you're not using any VPN/Proxy on your device. 🙂 You can also try using a different device.


Let me know how it goes.

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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Thanks for getting back to me.  I am not using a VPN or proxy server.  I have a fixed ip address from a UK ISP and using a geolocation service correctly shows it is in the UK.  I have tried another device (on the same internet connection) and it displayed Spotify correctly, giving me UK upgrade options (the original device gave me options and prices from Malaysia, including Spotify mini which is not available in the UK).  So, I assumed it was just my original device causing the issue.  But then I received an email from Spotify telling me a new device had logged in (the second device) from a location in the UK..... but it gave the location to me in Malay!!  So, this is all very strange.....   

Hey @user-removed,


Thanks for getting back to us. Jumping in here on behalf of @Maxim

The issue could be caused if the device on which you've tried first has a very different IP. 


This sometimes could happen if you're using a school/ work computer with a managed firewall or you're connecting to such a network or private tunnel, on which some networking ports are blocked and there are difficulties establishing a proper connection with the servers.


If you'd like to subscribe using the original device - we'd recommend using an incognito window to avoid the possible issues that the data stored in your browser may cause.


If you're experiencing still odd behavior on your account and you think that someone’s gained access to your account - head here to see what steps you'd need to take. Please make sure to check and follow all the protection steps provided here as well.


Hope this helps. If you have any questions or need anything else, the Community is here for you.

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Thank you Lybka,

I'm using a completely standard domestic broadband connection and a personal laptop - no firewalls or private tunnels.  If I log in using an incognito browser I do get the UK version of the site, but I still get an email about the new login with the country name United Kingdon in Malay!  I don't think anyone has accessed my account but have reset the password and signed out everywhere just in case.

There's clearly something wrong with my account and I'd like to be able to contact Spotify direct about this rather than having to rely on a user community (grateful though I am for the help and support!).  If Spotify are not making themselves available to provide support (and I can't find out how to raise a support issue) then I will close my account and go elsewhere.


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