Spotify suddenly unusable in several ways.

Spotify suddenly unusable in several ways.






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Windows 10


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Hi guys, not sure this is the right place but I couldnt find a nradom help topic; 

So for three weeks or so now I've had issues with my spotify which aren't going away.

This seemingly happened randomly (the only possible thing I can think of is that I briefly downloaded windows 11, before reverting back to 10) 


First I couldnt enter my spotify homepage - I use webplayer. 

A big notice would come up , unfortunately I cant remember what it said because after a few days of frustration (I also downloaded the desktop app but it made no difference. ) it randomly went away.


However now when I click on my playlists and a song, it just starts going down the queue fast randomly without me controlling, stops on a song, plays 10 seconds, and then the audio cuts off whilst its still 'playing.'

I logged out for a few days and logged back in but nothings changed. I have searched for a solution and cant seem to find anything similar.


Any replies would be much appreciated, thankyou.


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Hey @ibm1 ,


Have you tried reinstalling your Spotify app like shown here?


And when using the web app could you please try using an incognito tab, clear the cookies of your browser and use another browser or device? 🙂 

When this doesn't work, you should try to use another internet connection (e.g. cellular data instead of WiFi).


Let me know how it goes and

have a nice day!


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Hey There, This seems unfortunate. 

In this Instance i would try reinstalling the app on your Device and if it still dose not work try Reaching out.


Hope this Helps. 

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