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Spotify, tell me, how this is possible?

Spotify, tell me, how this is possible?

I'm the iPod and iTunes user since 2002. But in 2010... this was changed to Spotify. And I am so happy that I choosed Spotify as my music player. Before I listened less music. Also I was a "pirate" user, so I use P2P for my songs. This is not legal way, but when I was young, I do not have much money for Legal songs.


And before Spotify was my dream... I must say that I found the service only in 2010. I wonder why I've not found this earlier... Now I'm Premium user since 2010 December. The hard drive or whatever isn't a problem. I can listen music I want everywhere with my PC or Mobile. There is much bugs, but I believe that Spotify can fix those...


Before I had a camera, mp3, phone... Now just one smartphone. Spotify, thank you for this legal way to listen music... I'm really like this way. Good and cheap - best of all completely legal. That man, who has opened this service, is a genius. These days I listen music more than ever.


Spotify give to me easy access to new music. And also a way to all those old albums. But please, update the Windows Phone client and make a Windows PC client clearer to use. Those are things that I want to be fixed in Spotify.


Spotify, tell me, how is this possible? Only 9,99 € per month.

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Awesome post. 😃 I completely agree. It boggles my mind to think how Spotify can offer an incredible catalog of Music and apps while keeping a low price of $9.00 and completely add-free. 



Spotify Rocks =D -Grayson

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You know music streaming is not a new concept, right? Services like this have been around in the US since 2005 at least. Spotify is just the first one in Finland.


And since the Facebook crap was introduced, it's now far from the best one. Forcing users on Facebook is the worst thing that has ever happened - it prevents many people I know from signing up and it's the thing that will make me leave if Rdio ever comes around here. I named my username for this reason.


In addition to the 9,99 money per month, there's also the price of giving away your music listening habits to Facebook and their advertisers.

because they steal 5 bucks from their us customers and don't offer them jack

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