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Spotify thinks i'm in another country

Spotify thinks i'm in another country

I've been using spotify for about a year now, but this past semester I was studying abroad in Uruguay so I wasn't able to use spotify while I was in Uruguay.

Now I'm back in the United States but it won't let me play music because it says "This track is currently not available in Uruguay" even though I'm not there anymore.

What can I do to fix this?

4 Replies

very odd. Have you used a foreign credit/debit card to pay for the purchase? Maybe you changed your billing address?

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Nope! I'm using spotify completely free. I've never upgraded paid for premium or anything like that!

Is your country set correctly here?

It's also worth trying a different browser and/or re-installing the apps on your devices.

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I can't go into spotify.It's telling me I am in another country.

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