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Spotify will not accept any of my payment methods

Spotify will not accept any of my payment methods



I have tried to re-sign up for Spotify premium because my credit card got canceled.  However spotify will not accept any of my 3 credit cards, and I know they are not over the limit or canceled because I have use all three within the last couple of days.  Has anyone else has this issue using perfectly good cards to sign up for premium get declined?




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I had the same problem last week.  If you search this forum, you will see that many others have had this problem.


I tried to contact customer support.  I could not even get an automated reply from them.  I finally had to post here and to get things going.  They gave me some things to try: clear cache, etc.  I have tried some, but not all.  


Good luck.  I don't have any more energy for this. 

Thanks. I just ended up using pay pal which turned out to work fine. Sure wish I could have used my credit card though and avoided the hassle.

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