Spotify won't let me cancel my subscription

Spotify won't let me cancel my subscription

I have been trying to cancel my subscription for a few days 
now and every time I attempt to do so, the website asks for 
password confirmation. I enter the correct password... 
numerous times and it says it is incorrect. I go to the 
"forgot password?" option and the email has not been sent to 
change my password. I don't know if this is a cheap tactic to 
keep people subscribed but I would like to be able to cancel 
my subscription like I was told I could do when I initially 
signed up. I am unhappy with the service I've been getting and 
the run around that your website has been giving me. I'd 
appreciate a response otherwise I am considering closing my 
bank account and opening a new one in order for my 
subscription to be cancelled by you.
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Sounds like the ongoing duplicate account problem that many people are experiencing.

I'd expect a moderator (David or anyone else!) will be along to give you some advice, and sort you out.

All though on a side note, you could phone you're bank and ask that any recurring payment made to Spotify is cancelled? As opposed to actually closing your bank account.

Either way, this isn't a cheap tactic, it's a problem at the moment. I think they're still trying to get it all sorted out, but in the meantime a moderator should be able to help you out!
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Hey Josh,

I've just sent you an email - We should be able to sort that out our end for you.
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having the same problem as you and not recieving no word from spotify i have just been on the phone to my bank and hopefully have stopped any further payments being taken ..... i hope u managed to sort it 


I am also having problems cancellign my subscription! I have written to you several of times, and still haven't heard anything.

Are you wating in order to be able to invoice me before you will cancel my subscription?!


I really thought that Spotify was a trustworthy service and product. But i must admit that these tricks make you think about the web-hustlers out there who cheat consumers.






I had the exact same problem. I type in my password --> it's incorrect --> i choose the "forgot password?" option --> type in e-mail address and then I get the notice: "Using Facebook to sign in?". And I used my exact facebook password. So what is the procedure I should follow, since it's clearly not working as intended? Write an e-mail to tech support, or?


Kind regards



I am having the same problem and I've even emailed and it still hasn't stopped charging me. I got charged for a second month I didn't want today. 😞


I want to go back to the basic Spotify.  How can I sstop further payments.


I also got the same problem! can't cancel my subscription! i don't want to keep paying for the service i don't want. so i hope spotify can resolve this issues and get back to us as soon as possible! 

I want mine cancelled bc I just wanted to test and then cancel but your freaking system sucks and wouldnt let me and I got charged when I had no money in my account...real cheap and scamy spotify you guys should be better than this!


Same problem over here. This is a very cheap trick to keep the customers.... I will send them an email and ask for an immediate cancellation of the subscription.


Have sent a message to Spotify via the contact sheet. Got reply they will try to reply within 3 days.... That means I have to pay another month to them.  Mind you, it is not the amount (Eur 4,99... I think I will survive) but the tactics behind this attitude.


If there is a moderator here... Can he (or she) give me a decent reply of what I have to do?  If not I'm afraid I have no other options but to contact my Bank and see to it that no further payments to Spotify are accepted. Pls dont let it come as far as this. Do what you have promised. Behave as decent people and cancel my subscription as soon as possible. Thank you!

hyldebrant - One of my colleagues responded to you 21 days ago. You might want to check your Junk Mail filter. I've resent the email in case it's disappeared.

For you people who still experiencing issues of trying to cancel your subscription, try the following.

* Logging out of Facebook first, and then trying to cancel.
* Using a different browser - Google Chrome, Safari, so on.

This should let you cancel your subscription now.
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I'm having the same problem here. Could a moderator help us out here?


Edit: our posts crossed, David. That solved the problem, thank you.


I have a very similar problem. I use my facebook account to logon to spotify and when trying to cancel my subscription it will not accept the facebook pw.


Would any Spotify employee please advice me how to proceed.


Thanks in advance.





Davids advice above worked for me first time.


Thank you.





This works fine. Could cancel my subscription via Google Chrome.  Thanks David for this advice. 


im not sure why it wont let me...but i need it cancelled.


This is becoming a nightmare , I tried to cancel Spotify and It does not allow me too. They basically make it impossible to cancel services. I contacted support and nobody has contacted me . I use the same password each time and the funny thing is when you try and cancel , It says "incorrect password". The password is the same password I use for all my accounts. It is also the only password that you can use to sign into SPOTIFY. How does it allow me to sign into Spotify if my password is incorrect. 

#1 Proof they want to keep billing me . This feels like a ploy for me be discouraged and give up and allow them to keep billing me. I just receieved an email telling me that they are trying to keep going into my bank account for services. I will not be responsible for payments for service when I am trying to cancel services. They should not make it impossible to cancel service. I would never have signed up if I knew you were locked into the service. Please help SPOTIFY , stop billing me for services I am trying to cancel. My user name is also correct even thought it tells me It is not because It shows it on my account.


Hello David,

Please i need help as well. i have been trying to cancel for two months. How can i get this done?


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