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Spotify won't let me change my country?

Spotify won't let me change my country?

Hey there! I began using Spotify when I lived in the USA, and later moved to Chile. The first year I had no problems here, but recently my old credit card expired, and I had to downgrade to a free account! I'd love to get Premium again, but when I go to add a new payment method it says my payment method (an American card) doesn't match my location (Chile)! It also won't let me change my location (the only option it shows me in settings is Chile). Please help! I use Spotify on my iPhone 6+ and my Macbook. 

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Hey @qop_-ilzho5u9, welcome to the Community!


To resubscribe, you need to use a payment method issued in Chile. If you don't have one, you'll need to wait until you're in the states to resubscribe with your payment method from the US.


Hope that helps clear everything up 🙂


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