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Spotify won't let me log in


Spotify won't let me log in

This is on the mobile app and when it tells me to log in I put in my email and password and then it tells me "there is already an account with this email" and I know I am in the log in section not the sign up section so why would it be saying this?
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Spotify won't let me log into my account and I know my username and password are correct but it still would not let me log in. I have the app from the Google play store so I don't understand. Please help!!

I'm using Spotify on my mobile

I'm able to log in but as soon as it logs in it again brings me back to the log in/sign up page


Same problem here. I can access to my playlists, download them, but I can't access to the browsing part.

App uninstalled, wiped, reinstalled (always from the Playstore), logged with email, with username, ...

Nothing helps.

The problem seems to come from Spotify, not from users.

Spotify wont let me log in with my email or username and I've changed my password. Its still saying that either the username or password is incorrect and im getting very **bleep** off. It logged me on its own and now wont let me log back in. This is bull**bleep**

nope didnt worked 😛

I'm having the same problem as @vpomart where it's telling me that I don't have the right username or password on the mobile app. However, I logged onto the desktop version and it works fine. I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, and nothing. I've tried both my username and email to try and fix it but nothing. I've reset my password, and still nothing. Any way you could help me out?

Same problem as everyone else like can you freaking fix this or ?Amazing comunity,really helpfull,cant fix a freaking login problem for 2 weeks


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