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Spotify won't let me log in

Spotify won't let me log in

Went to listen to spotify and it had logged me out (no big deal). I click log in and enter my email and password and it starts to load and my spotify pulls up for a brief second, says I'm offline and instantly signs me out. I tried re-entering my info in the new user but that didn't help either. I cleared the cache....Please for the love of all that is holy don't you dare tell me to uninstall and reinstall. I did that a week ago and have only got 1/4 of the songs downloaded from my old playlist. Spotify please fix that so our accounts keep our songs :,(

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Which application do you use? Android? iOS?

Please tell me for further steps.

Spotify music, the free account. Android. I tried uninstalling now when i try to login it says incorrect username or password so i went to "forgot password" and entered my email and it says my email is not associated with an account. Grrr getting frustrated

Do you registered using Facebook or Google?

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