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Spotify won't login . Android user

Spotify won't login . Android user

Login bug, old, recurring bug.

I wonder how many users Spotify daily loses with such an issue. I had this for SEVERAL times and on different Spotify versions, on different Android versions. It's recurring, and made me migrate to other similar apps already. 

Currently on Nokia 6 running Android 7.


It logins accepting email and password, however only for one second or so, signing off again.


Work around won't work. 


I need to login to the stupid app via VPN since it won't login in China (only over a billion of ignored possible users here)


Anyone know how to solve?Delete the app and installing again shouldn't be a fix

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I have been having problems login in on my "Windows Mobile 10"  device today

(it just gets stuck on "Loading..." and the app refuses to start up).


I was beginning to think Spotify had secretly discontiniued support for "Windows Mobile 10" today lol,

but i see now that other platforms are having the same issue.

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