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Spotify won't open still and no reply


Spotify won't open still and no reply

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My app crashed last month and I payed the full month with no music, now I am paying another full month with no music I am normally a card Pearson but **bleep** Spotify sory this fuking problem out or give my mony back and I'll use a new **bleep**ing app I don't whant support from customers I want direct contact from a real **bleep**ing Pearson from **bleep**ing Spotify **bleep**.
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Re: Spotify won't open still and no reply

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Hey @Nightingale655


I'm sorry to hear about your situation, lets try figure this out real quick:


Concerning contacting Spotify Support:


You can contact support on twitter @SpotifyCares Or you can email Support here.

If you receive a No-Reply email that says to check out the FAQ or Community just reply to that email and Spotify support will contact you 🙂

Support takes 24-48 hours to reply to you if they have not replied to you by tomorrow you can ask me here and i will escalate the issue for you 🙂

Concerning Your Spotify Not Working:



May i ask what device you are on? as well as your Spotify version and Operating System?


ALso WHat is happening when you try to open/Use Spotify? Do you get an error message? If so What error message do you get?


Also I suggest you try a clean reinstall and see if this helps, This usually fixes most problems 🙂


Note: This will remove any saved offline tracks and cache 🙂