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Spotify wont let me cancel

Spotify wont let me cancel

My password is used to log in perfectly fine but when I try to cancel my account it tells me to verify password and once I do, it says its incorrect. Why is it doing this? How can I cancel my premium account?
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I was trying to cancel the subscription today and the web site doesn't allow me to. I logged in successfully with my username and password. When I try to cancel the subscription I was asked again for a password, (why asking for a password again if I have already logged in). When I enter the password I used to log in, it says incorrect password. Then I tried to reset the password. When I click at the link in my email, to reset the password, it says: your session has expired. Therefore there is no way to cancel the subscription. I was forced to open BBB complaint in order to have my subscription cancelled. Theyir B- ratiing at BBB says everything about this company. Shame on you spotify

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