Spotify wont play songs


Spotify wont play songs


Hi, i used to have no issues but today my first has turned up, i have a decent soundboard on my mobo, and i instaled gigabytes own software to get surround working. Now it plays al fine on anything, but spotify have a total hickup after i whent to full dolby digital signals. So i googled a little, and only help i could find was that hi quality streaming **bleep**ed free clients over, so i tried paying  a subscription, but the darn thing wont play any songs, it just gives a error message "cant play this song". (it disapears realy fast so hard to say),, i se the songs start, playing a second of em and skipping to next on list in a inifinite limbo. Help me fix this problem, or u can return money and that subsrcription stopped.

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Gig Goer



I have the same problem sometimes, but I think it's something wrong with my intrenet connection. It usually works to log out and log in to spotify again. You have probably tried this, but maybe it will work:)