SpotifyApp Premium Bug?!

SpotifyApp Premium Bug?!


Just downloaded Spotify for my smartphone and then **bleep** goes down. First it says that I only have a "48 hours Free Test Version" so as I got home and back on my Laptop Spotify says me that i now use Premium till 2013-12-19 but WTF never agree to that. I'm a bit pissd off now.

Googleplay(My Appstore): The discription says that Spotify is now complete free for listen to music.
Download is still Premium but i only downloaded the SpotifyApp so what the heck happend??!


Post this in the Account section cause dont know where else it could fit.

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When you first login on your mobile device, you get a free 48 hour trial of premium. Shuffle mode is only free after that on mobile devices, (tablets are the same as the desktop version of free).

Hope this helped 🙂

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The above accounts does not work, hopefully after searching on Google I found this one working on me. Premium Spotify Accounts

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