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 User of Spitfy since c2009 - and have been starring (and then saving) songs throughout the whole period. However, my saved songs now only go back to 2014 - essentially deleting more than half of my saved music collection... Really disappointed, as there are literally thousands of songs that I now no longer have (and that I may never remember to re-add them).


Please tell me you can restore all my starred tracks? Also - from a Spotify perspective, a key thing keeping me from moving over to e.g. Apple Music is the amount of time & effort I've spent curating my music collection... if you start to delete that, then my incentive to stay falls pretty hard.


Thanks in advance for any help!




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Hey @woodgateat.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Your music shouldn't just disappear like that. So could you make sure you are logging into the right account, and are viewing the right playlist? Your saved songs should still be out there 🙂


Hope that works. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

Hi Guido - it's the same account I've been using for probably 10 years... So yes I'm sure I'm not logged into the wrong account!

Hi, have you tried reinstalling them it's real simple?


Hope this helps. 

Hey @woodgateat,


What @adambridges182 mention may help you recover any saved playlist. 


If this only considers saved songs, go to your app's settings, scroll down to Display options and enable Show unavailable songs in playlists. Make sure to sort your songs by oldest first. 


Also, a reinstall might help. If not, can you tell us when you noticed that your older tracks have gone missing? 


Looking forward to hearing back from you.




Hi Jemi,

Thanks very much for the response, but no luck. I have been noticing that my shuffles were less shuffly for a while (6 months++), but didn't think to check whether songs had gone. As I say - I've been using Spotify since 2010 I think, and saving/starring songs over that whole period. Clearly you guys moved from "starred" to "saved" songs at one point, at which stage I just saved all my previously starred songs... but the current song list is definitely too short!

Thanks in advance for the help,


Hey @woodgateat.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Sounds like something that our friends at support can help you with. You can find out how to contact them here.


Good luck! If you have further questions for us, let us know.


Have a nice day.

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