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Starting a new account and taking playlists with me

Starting a new account and taking playlists with me


I have a "premium for family" Spotify account and it's all working fine.


My personal Spotify account was created originally via Facebook and I own and manage the premium for family Spotify account.


I'd like to leave Facebook but continue using Spotify but not lose all my Spotify playlists and minimise disruption for my family members (i.e. they retain their own playlists etc).


The help information here suggests cancelling the current subscription and setting up a new one:


If I do that, wont I lose all my playlists? I can't see a way of somehow saving the existing playlists and importing them from the new account I create. I assume family members would simply retain their existing accounts/playlists and I add them to the new premium for family subscription once my new account is up and running? 

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Hi - this enquiry can be cancelled.


I managed to complete the switchover using the excellent chat facility on the Spotify support pages. The support agent completed the switch while I was online - flawless! Outstanding customer support.

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