Still getting charged for Spotify free


Still getting charged for Spotify free

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I am getting charged for an account i dont have on premium anymore how do i contact Spotify? I got in touch (somehow) with Spotify 5 or 6 months ago and the payments didnt stop????
Need answer asap if possible.
Thanks heaps

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Re: Still getting charged for Spotify free


Hi @vance1990!


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Let's try to figure this out. Can you follow these steps for us?


  • Check your subscription page. If you cancelled your subscription, your status should be Free.
  • If it says Premium, check the receipt we send to your email inbox. Make sure to sign in with the username on that receipt and cancel your subscription here. You will receive an email confirming this. If the username on your receipt is a 10 digit number, please sign in with your Facebook login details.

Don't hesitate to drop us a message if you need extra help.