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Still waiting for a reply... been months..

Still waiting for a reply... been months..

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Hey @fgamedia, thanks for coming to the Spotify Community!

I re-linked the moderator that was originally helping with your other thread, so she should take a look at it soon.


You could also get in direct contact with Spotify support about this issue and they may be able to help. The easiest way to contact them is by messaging SpotifyCares on Facebook or Twitter. You can also use the online contact form on this website if you would prefer to communicate by email.


Please let me know if I can help with anything else 🙂

Hi, Is it possible to assign another moderator to that topic? It seems like the previous one doesn't work there anymore...



If you use my above links to get in contact with Spotify support, they will be able to help you 🙂

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