Stop enabling my Facebook account

Stop enabling my Facebook account

I recently signed up for Spotify Premium (never used free version previously).


I chose the option to sign up with an email address (ie. not linked to Facebook).


However, when I log in to Spotify, it is enabling my Facebook account against my will and I receive an email from Facebook with the following message (email address changed for privacy):


The Facebook account associated with was reactivated by a recent login to the application Spotify.


I assume it's finding my Facebook account because it's using the same email address.


I checked the steps as mentioned here to disconnect from Facebook, but it was already disconnected.


Since it was already disconnected and I'm not logging in using the Facebook option, it's ridiculous that my Facebook account continues to be enabled when I don't want this to happen.  How do I make this stop?

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Any feedback on this?

What's the official support channel for Spotify so I can get an answer to the problem?




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