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Strange account logging/password reset problem

Strange account logging/password reset problem


Good day, 

I have a problem, well my wife has a problem. She want's to login to her's account, but she has forgot her password, so she tried to restore it, but the system says, that such a user doesn't exist. Well, then we tried to create a new account, but the system says that such a user is already registered. How is that possible? 

Bellow, I have attached 2 files, with print screens that prove that. 

And btw, one more question, how is it possible to contact customer support( if there is any), if a person can't log in. ( My wife is lucky that I have an account) 


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I'm literally having this problem and created this account with an old email to post here.

I can get a password reset through the app but it just says link has expired. I can't login through facebook because it says mine isn't linked to it. I can't get in to my account from all the ways that are suggested.


Looks like Spotify is not going to help, great customer support. 


Hey @TheAsTy and @Magrath1,


Thanks for posting about this on the Community, and apologies for the late reply!


If you're having trouble logging in to your Spotify account, make sure to check out this support article, which has some useful troubleshooting steps (the relevant section to you is Password reset isn't working).


Hope that helps! Give us a shout if you're still having problems with accessing your account.

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