Strange artists showing up in my "recently played"

Strange artists showing up in my "recently played"








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 Since last week or so there have been odd artists showing up on my "recently played" I tried to sign out everywhere to make sure no one was in my account but they're still show up and it's driving me nuts. (I'm very **bleep** and like my shortcuts and recently played to be accurate.  The following artists are- Robiyertus. Omnikan, JaxZin, Aymariex, Heidithas, and Lakizar.   wth! 


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Hi @Kara_Sinatra,


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community!


If you notice suspicious activity on your Spotify account, I highly recommend following all the steps provided in this support article to secure your account.


I also highly recommend reading this support article regarding measures you can take to protect your Spotify account.


Let me know if you have any other questions, and have a good day!

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I've had this exact same problem with the same artists! I've had both Omnikan and Heidithas start playing on my laptop in the middle of the night (~2:30 AM) and I only notice once I check my phone in the morning and it says that my laptop is playing the music. I just changed my password and logged out of all devices so hopefully that fixes the issue.


Hey there @ftaang,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community.


We're sorry to hear that you also experienced this. No worries though, the steps you already took should solve the issue in case there was an unauthorized access to your account. In case it persists, make sure to follow the steps under Lost anything? in the first article that @TreyAnastasio shared above, so our Support team can help you secure your account.


It's also worth following the tips in the second article shared above to protect your account.


If you have any questions or need anything else, remember that we're always a post away.


Take care 🙂

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I also experienced the same with Omnikan!!! it was around 4 am when this music started.  From the morning after I began to listen to their music and began to like it.  I googled them and found absolutely nothing.  Today I noticed that they are no longer listed in Spotify.  

Very strange.

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