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Strange entries in recently listened by someone else ruined recommendations

Strange entries in recently listened by someone else ruined recommendations






HP Elitebook

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It looks like someone else is listening music with my account. I registered via facebook, I changed my facebook password and disconnected all devices in facebook and in spotify.

It started already a few month ago. I could see another device and my currently playing song changed. For now, this does not occur anymore, but every few days new artists appear in "recently played". This completly ruined my recommendations - which was my prefered way to listen to music on spotify. Actually this issue makes me think about to abandon spotify.

I'd like to gain back conrol over my account - changing my password and disconnecting devices did not help.
I'd like to see which devices are connected: some additional information about the device itself, the IP, etc...
I'd like to fix up my recommendations: full history of played songs with the ability to remove them. Removing artists/albums/playlists from "Recently played" should affect the recommendations at least when they are regenerated
I'd like to finally remove the binding to facebook without losing all the metadata, playlists, etc.

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Hey there @knutmithut,

thanks for posting !


If you have already followed the steps provided here with no success, i recommend you create a new account and transfer you data.


You can visit this help page for further info on how to do so.


However, if you aren't sure of the steps, you can reach out to CS through this contact page and have them help you.


Hope this helps 🙂

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