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Strange problem with unavailable albums, that are available to others

Strange problem with unavailable albums, that are available to others


I've been subscribing to Spotify for many years, and there are a few albums from some of my favorite artists that haven't been available for me. I simply thought it was because the artist chose to not have them available through Spotify. 


However, last night I was over at a friend's place, and he had access to several albums on his free Spotify account. 


We even tried to search for the very same thing on two different devices and ended up with different results. Me lacking several albums. 


Do free accounts have access to more albums and content than subscribing members? 


Or does this have anything to do with my account? I should mention that I lived in a different country when I signed up and started subscribing to Spotify, but I changed this after I returned. I'm still getting some newsletter in the language of the country I used to love, so... Hence why I mention this. 


Any help on this matter would be very much appreciated. 🙂

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Hey @henningludvigse


Sorry to hear that you are having some issues with accessing some artists. Spotify does have restrictions per country on which music is avaliable and which isn't. 


Free accounts do not have more access to music than premium users.


To check that your account is matched to the same country that you are physically in, then head over to your account overview:




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