Stuck Spotify Premium renewal in ANOTHER country

Stuck Spotify Premium renewal in ANOTHER country

Hello Spotify community! I hope you guys can help me solve this problem.

I moved last year from UK to Indonesia after finishing my study there. There are still some balance on my visa card that I use to pay for premium renewal since the sum of the balance is not that much left so I thought why not. And on December my subscription renewal stopped and I thought this is because my balance is now empty, and then I payed the renewal with my credit card here in Indonesia. Problem is it seems that Spotify still charged the one in UK while I have ongoing subcription here in Indonesia.


My question is, is there a way to cancel or remove the UK one? Because it causes domino effect to my iTunes, now I cannot download any app since the 'payment' in UK is not done yet. And I have closed my bank account in UK, not aware of this problem 😕

I mean if I can pay the UK one with the currency here in Indonesia, I have no problem with that... but how?


Apology for the text wall, but can someone help me please...

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Hi @tor_zireael!


As you were paying your Premium subscription via iTunes, you'll need to cancel using these steps.


Let us know if you have other questions.

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