Student Account, Can't access Hulu

Student Account, Can't access Hulu


As the year came to an end, I ended my subscription with Spotify before January since they were going to charge me $10 in January as a non-student. Since I am still a student, I resigned up for Student Premium. I still got charged the $10 when I signed up (IDK why) in December even though it was not due and for some reason I do not have access to Hulu anymore. Everytime I hit "Go to Hulu" on spotify's account page, and hit continue, it either says: 


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We’re having trouble authorizing your account with Spotify. Please contact Spotify support to help resolve this issue.

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How can I regain access to Hulu! I can't find a number to call, so I'm writing this post. Any help is appreciated! 🙂 


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The exact same thing happened to me. I would get in contact with the chat support. They'll have to cancel your account and you can sign back up again. The reason you'd contact them is so you don't get the double charge.


It's a little deceiving because you have to fill out a contact form, like you're wanting to send an email, but it connects you to their customer service chat dept.


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