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Student Discount Charged but no Premium

Student Discount Charged but no Premium

So I am about to go to college and thought I could get the student discount for premium.  I filled in my card information and then it asked me for verification of my education.  I didn't have my student id or anything yet so I just closed the window and decided to do it later.  

Problem is that Spotify charged me for the student discount for premium but I dont have any of the premium priveledges on my phone.  Please help

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Hi, @inklein1997!

Hello! Congrats on making your first post 🙂 Welcome to the community 🙂


Please can you check your status here :


And let me know so I can help you 🙂 



It says on I am on spotify free, but my bank account was charged $5.40 for the student discount.  


Welcome back and Thank you for the information!

Could you take a look at this help document and try it as it sounds like you have a 2nd account 🙂



I only have one other email, and put that under password reset but said there isn't an email associated with it. I also tried Facebook but said I didn't have an account linked with it. It charged me even though I wasn't able to verify my college education. My main worry is that I won't be able to cancel my subscription and it charges me every month like it did today. @ethanisamazing

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