Student Discount Renewal Please Help.


Student Discount Renewal Please Help.

I had the student discount price for a year and I read that you could renew it. Well I got charged for 9.99 after and I tried to renew it and now it says Im not eligible for the student discount even though I am a student. I tried canceling my premium and going back and that didnt work. Do I have to wait until this month is over to reapply? Im just confused because it said you could renew it up to 3 more times.


UPDATE: A person who works with spotify has erased the credit details and I was able to get the student discount again. It only took 2-3 days to get this process done and I am pretty happy with the service.

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Spotify PLEAE HELP. I have followed all of these "solutions" and none of them have worked. I cancled my premium account once it charged it $9.99 after my student account expired. I then tried to redownload the student premium but it says it can not tell  I am a student. Please help me rectify this problem. 

Hey @ciaramarie101


Are you in the US?


Try using this site to validate.


Hope it helps. 🙂

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