Student Discount


Student Discount


Does any know how to renew the student discount? On Terms and Conditions it states the following: "You are entitled to activate up to three (3) additional Discount Periods for yourself by re-submitting your information on the Student Discount Offer sign-up page so long as you are a Qualifying Student." 


Spotify wont even let me re-submitt the information, it just tells me I am not eligible but I am still a qualifying student. Does anyone know how to solve this?


I even tried canceling my premium account and signing uo again via the student discount website but that did not do the trick. 


Thanks :)

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This is an issue that Spotify is currently investigating. Until they've got a solution, I would recommend getting in touch with support. Note that if you receive an automated email directing you to the community and/or help boards, make sure you reply directly to that email (even if it is from a no reply address) and support will get back to you as soon as possible. Hope this helps!

Re: Student Discount

Yes you just go to the student sign up page when you are logged into your account online and resign up! I just did it!