Student discount & wrong facebook information

Student discount & wrong facebook information

I'm having two weird things:

1) My account was created thru facebook (I now know what a HUGE mistake this was). Everything matches EXCEPT my birthday. It's correct on Facebook but incorrect on Spotify and there is no way to edit my spotify information that's not thru facebook so it makes no sense!
I've contacted support but got the most generic, computer response.

2) I'm trying to upgrade to student premuim. I'm a college student and will be for quite a long time... I attempted to upgrade and I was given this message "We were unable to validate your student details. Please check your status and try again." I'm not sure if this is related to the incorrect birthday information or if this is a glitch in the system.

I'm thinking of deactivating my spotify account, but I wonder if I'd need to create a new email to use this since when I tried to create a new spotify that wasn't linked to my facebook, I was redirected to my current facebook-linked account.

I have two case #s now : #04218488 & #04218789 . I contacted twice since it's such a weird thing and I didn't see a message that was super particular as this (with only birthday being out of sync and incorrectable). Unfortunately, it's all just a computer generated response.... so, can any one help me figure out what I should/can do?

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Hello and thanks for posting in the community!
Please reply to the no-reply automated email you received, even though it says not to. It works!

About your second issue, did you try to subscribe via the proper website?
Let me know if you have more questions, hope this helped!

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