Student discount disappearing, spotify back to full price

Student discount disappearing, spotify back to full price


I have had a US student account with the discount for the past 8 months, being charged $4.99 every month. Then, this month it started charging me $9.99 out of nowhere. I have since gotten my student status reapproved the same way I did before, but does anyone know how to go about getting my $5 of unauthorized charges back, and how to prevent this from being an issue in the future?

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Hi there @vNoct and welcome to the community!


There's actually fine print in the terms for US Student saying that your student rate disappears after a year and you have to revalidate. You can do this up to 3 times currently. 


Unfortunately, there isn't a way to get a discount/credit for the service as it is already discounted for being a student. Sorry to hear that you had some trouble here!

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