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Subscribed, but not getting Premium?

Subscribed, but not getting Premium?


If you've paid for Premium but can't use your Premium features (ad-free listening, download music for offline listening, etc.), try the following:

  • Log out and back into your account
    Occasionally this is necessary to force a sync of info between your device and our account system
  • Check the status of your subscription
    Go to your subscription page and check that your Premium subscription is still active. 
  • Check the status of your payment
    If your Spotify payment is marked as 'pending' on your bank statement, it might not have gone through successfully. For more information, check out payment troubleshooting.

    A pending charge is a part of your bank or credit card company's authorization process. When you submit a payment, your bank or credit card places a temporary authorization on the funds. If the transaction doesn’t successfully complete, no money will be taken and the charge will soon disappear. The time this takes can vary, depending on your bank/credit card company. For more information, contact your bank/credit card company.
  • Check that your Premium subscription isn’t on another account
    You might be logged into the wrong account. It's possible to create multiple Spotify accounts, each with their own login details, saved music, and subscription. 

    Check to see if you have any other accounts



4,841 Replies

Hello I just ordered the 30-trial spotify for premium, but I can not access all the music in my account. For example, in my Ipad, I can't access to the music because its telliing me that I am not a premium user. Please review my problem ASAP

 My order number 143565866017

Hi jakesong93 - I've just moved your post to this relevant thread. 


I see you upgraded just this morning. Try signing back in as well as a clean reinstallation


If you still aren't receiving Premium just let me know. 

I paid for my premium account but have not been able to use premium features. Specifically I am not able to do searches. It tells me I need a premium account to do so, which I have.

If you are on a dektop or laptop logging out, restarting spotify and then logging in again can solve your issue.

I just redeemed my spotify gift card and it says on my account that I am a premium user yet I can't access any songs. It keeps saying I have to be a premium user to listen. I have logged out of my account, I have reinstalled it onto my iPod and logged in with Facebook and still nothing. What do I do now?

I signed up for the free 30 day premium and then will pay monthly. I was having trouble playing the music I saved during the 48 hour free but it is finally playing but now I can only search for songs and when I want to listen to them/save them it says I only premium users can listen. I looked up my subscription and it says that I have can this get fixed? I don't want to be charged for this every month if this is going to be an ongoing issue...

I signed up for the 48 hour free trial on my iphone 5.  It worked.
48 hour trial ended so I signed up for premium on my laptop using the same login created on the iphone.

iphone still says that I need premium but doesn;'t even give me an option to upgrade (which is why I did it on the laptop).






I deleted the app and reinstalled it.  Now it recognizes the premium account and allows me to play the playlists.

@Jennniboard - I've just moved your post to this more relevant thread. 


That upgrade has gone through for you. Just do a quick log out/ log in and a clean reinstallation if necessary. 

@BlakeDasnake wrote:
I just redeemed my spotify gift card and it says on my account that I am a premium user yet I can't access any songs. It keeps saying I have to be a premium user to listen. I have logged out of my account, I have reinstalled it onto my iPod and logged in with Facebook and still nothing. What do I do now?

Hi BlakeDasnake - It seems you redeemed that giftcard for an Unlimited subscription--not Premium. A Premium subscription is required in order to use Spotify on mobile devices such as iPods. 


When that Unlimited subscription ends in March you can upgrade to Premium via your subscription page

hi i have premium and i won't let me use its features

Hi, something strange happened to my account. I last payed for premium on the 24th of december 2012, but on the website it says im on spotify free, I get ads on the windows client BUT I can fully use spotify on my iphone!


How come? Can you please help me? On my account website it says my username is: <snip - mod edit>.


Thanks in advance.


// Patric

Also, my playlists disappeared from the windows client, but they are still on my iphone 😞

freakbeast - That upgrade's gone through. Is it working for you now?


patricceder - I recommend taking at look this post here.


Please follow those steps using your 'patricceder' username. 


I signed up for a spotify premium account and I cant get my phone to recognize it. Keeps telling me I have a free account. I know my card processed the payment.

Hi motard231 - The first post in this thread has the info you'll need. Go through those troubleshooting steps and you should be sorted. 

Where do I sign in and out? I have confirmation that I purchased premium and that is all. Thanks

Hi Rocky2012 - Have you already installed the Spotify app on your device? If not, just click here to get started:


Since you registered with Facebook just sign in with your FB email and password. You should be enjoying Premium in no time. 

I too as many others in this forum have said I cant access any premium content eventhough I am a premium subscriber. I logged on and off used fb login and reinstalled the app and nothing ! any help ?  sorry if this answer is in another forum but can you use your login with mutliple mobile devices btw my username is rchrdgarc

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