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Subscribed, but not getting Premium?

Subscribed, but not getting Premium?



Hope someone can help me with this issue.


There was a promotion in Mexico to pay $99.00 MXN for three months, however I paid but didnt get the PREMIUM UPGRADE. According to Spotify there was a mistake with my credit car and no charge was made. I did it one more time and have the same problem. Two times I paid $99.00 and didn't get any upgrade and unfortunately in my credit card I got the charge for this two payments I made.


I've already tried to log off/in, delete my app from my iphone, even here through the browser my account still appearing as Free. 


Also I wrote in the web form to Spotify but didnt get any reply back.


Thanks a lot for your support.



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Tengo este problema también
Espero den solución pronto

I have this problem also
I hope the solution for this

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