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Subscribed, but not getting Premium?

Subscribed, but not getting Premium?


If you've paid for Premium but can't use your Premium features (ad-free listening, download music for offline listening, etc.), try the following:

  • Log out and back into your account
    Occasionally this is necessary to force a sync of info between your device and our account system
  • Check the status of your subscription
    Go to your subscription page and check that your Premium subscription is still active. 
  • Check the status of your payment
    If your Spotify payment is marked as 'pending' on your bank statement, it might not have gone through successfully. For more information, check out payment troubleshooting.

    A pending charge is a part of your bank or credit card company's authorization process. When you submit a payment, your bank or credit card places a temporary authorization on the funds. If the transaction doesn’t successfully complete, no money will be taken and the charge will soon disappear. The time this takes can vary, depending on your bank/credit card company. For more information, contact your bank/credit card company.
  • Check that your Premium subscription isn’t on another account
    You might be logged into the wrong account. It's possible to create multiple Spotify accounts, each with their own login details, saved music, and subscription. 

    Check to see if you have any other accounts



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Ah don't worry I've worked it out - been an idiot and haven't downloaded the app...

I have premium and I've tried everything from logging in and out to canceling and resubscribing to premium and it still won't download the music I want saved for offline. The little green download thing doesn't show up in the corner when I press the button

Im having a trouble
I have sign up in app store for monthly payment to my credit card in the app store says its paid and in the web page too but in the app it says that im free

I tried everything the webpage says

Yesterday i paied on an oxxo for a subscription to 1 month on spotify but im not having premium 😕 

Similarly I just upgraded to iphone6 and my premium Spotify account keeps saying my account is a free subscription and i keep getting adverts. I've logged in and out - deleted the Spotify app and reinstalled and it's still telling me my account is free and not premium - please help

Hi !


My account still appears Free, although I'm a Premium customer...


I tried to disconnect & reconnect, but it still doesn't work.


Can anyone help me ?


Thanks !

I just upgraded to premium. I was charged twice on my debit card for 4.99 but I am still on free. I already deleted the app, logged out and logged back in and changed from different accounts. I just dont know what is going on. I do not have a recipet from spotify saying anything went through but yet, I was charged on my debit card twice so, I do not know if there is a glitch or something else is going on in the system. Please help!

I made my payment by credit card and I did not activate premium account, try two occasions and both charged me but I did not activate the account. that I can do to fix and activate the premium?

I have premium. Trying to add one family member. Using regular payment method (PayPal), the screen goes like it is processing. No error message, no update to plan. Help please

Sorry, this was supposed to be in the open forum

I have been enjoying the premium subscription for a number of months now, but for some reason it all of sudden has brought me back to the free version. I've checked with iTunes and my payments are still being taken, but I am not getting the service I am paying for. Deleting and reinstalling the app and loging out/loging back in doesn't help either. Any other thoughts?

Fiz o upgrade e não aparece pra mim, nem no aplicativo e nem no descktop. Tentei algumas formas como eu vi na comunidade mas nada ainda. Oque posso fazer? 

Hello, i upgraded to spotify student premium from the free version and my debit card was charged.  The app on myphone and computer both say that i amstill using the free version.  how to i make it update??

Hello, i upgraded to spotify student premium from the free version and my debit card was charged.  The app on myphone and computer both say that i amstill using the free version.  how to i make it update??

Site says I have 3 more days til I get charged but on phone it says I dont have premium. Logged out multiple times and reinstalled the app, nothing works

Tried all options given and still no premium access

Tried all options given and still no premium access i already tried unistall reinstall and logout and back in still nothing

Hi, we have been subscribing to spotify premium for a few months, however, tonight it stopped working on my daughter's phone.  Why would that be.  I have checked the subscription is still current.



Good morning,

I updated my premium account to spotify family and added a zecondary account as my family member. Somehow spotify switched my family account to the master account and removed this account from premium. The other account also does not have premium and I was double charged this month for my premium service. Other accout username is Please assist ASAP

Thank you

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