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Subscribed, but not getting Premium?

Subscribed, but not getting Premium?


If you've paid for Premium but can't use your Premium features (ad-free listening, download music for offline listening, etc.), try the following:

  • Log out and back into your account
    Occasionally this is necessary to force a sync of info between your device and our account system
  • Check the status of your subscription
    Go to your subscription page and check that your Premium subscription is still active. 
  • Check the status of your payment
    If your Spotify payment is marked as 'pending' on your bank statement, it might not have gone through successfully. For more information, check out payment troubleshooting.

    A pending charge is a part of your bank or credit card company's authorization process. When you submit a payment, your bank or credit card places a temporary authorization on the funds. If the transaction doesn’t successfully complete, no money will be taken and the charge will soon disappear. The time this takes can vary, depending on your bank/credit card company. For more information, contact your bank/credit card company.
  • Check that your Premium subscription isn’t on another account
    You might be logged into the wrong account. It's possible to create multiple Spotify accounts, each with their own login details, saved music, and subscription. 

    Check to see if you have any other accounts



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I have the same problem 😕 

I hope somebody can help

i recieved my bank statement today, and it said that i've been charged for spotify between september 24th and october 24th. The problem is, i cancelled that spotify and it said that it had been cancelled and that i now have a free account, whereas my bank said i have been charged for a spotify premium month that i couldnt even access. This is absolutely ridiculous and i would like some help as soon as possible, because i dont have the money to be charged for spotify premium and not even be able to use it! If i have been charged on a different account, is there any way that you can tell me what account because this is out of order! Thank you


Can somebody answer my question???????

Same as everyone. I've been a premium member for about a year now, and suddenly my PC app says Spotify Free and I get ads. Same on my phone. Tried logging out and in again, tried reinstalling both apps, both don't work. The web player doesn't give me ads. I would still like to see this fixed.

I solved my problem this way:


Go to the Spotify website and go to your online profile. Normally it says that you already have Premium with the green V below it. Click to update your card number but type in the same as you used before and accept. Then make sure you closed your mobile or PC app, open it again and it will say Spotify Premium. 


At least that did the trick in my case. Best of luck guys, cause we don't seem to get much response here.

I just signed up and saw an offer for 3 months free- that's what all my friends have been telling me.
Seems like j clicked the wrong thing and got only 1 week?

Please advise

I've had spotify premium for quite a while now. When I went from offline mode back to online today, my account is all of a sudden not premium?!

Please advise

I have a premium service since months ago, but yesterday my spotify starts with commercials and say that im using free service, but when I check my account says premium sevice. I already erased of my phone and installed again and doesn't work.

My phone plan includes a suscription to Spotify premium but it hasn't worked, I have a number as a username but it doesn't have an email account related to it so I can recover mi password, what can I do? my user number is 12164685797. Even one guy from Movistar has been trying to log in my account but he hasn't find out how to do it, we need your help please!!

Hey Spotify,

I am having the same problem. I have logged in and out several times and I have also deleted the app several times and spotify premium is not recognized on my iphone 5s. Please fix this. 

still not receieving premuim on iphone app. username is <snip - mod edit> and I am a spotify student.

hi! my name is Joyce and it's been three weeks that I paid the premium with bank transfer and has not yet occurred the upgrade. It has been made to reinstall the app but nothing changes. I'm brazillian so sorry for the terrible english.

Hi, I've been Premium for months now and for the last three days whenever I log in from  my devices it says free, even tho in my account it says I have premium. I have reinstalled the app and everything and it still says free. What solution can you give me?

Hello. In the USA, I subscribed to Premium through Facebook. I have since moved to Germany and also closed my Facebook account. The money continues to be drawn from my bank account every month, but when I login to Spotify it is the free version. I would really like to stop paying for a service I don't receive, but there is never an email or customer support or phone number to call. 


Or, I would like to regain my Premium service for which I pay.


Please Help!


<snip - mod edit>

Hola me suscribi a premium y lo page hoy mismo pero aun no se refleja que  soy premium por favor ayuda, 


I was charged for premium, but am unable to use it.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that did not work.  I have tried unsubscribing and redownloading it and that did not work.  Ive also tried contacting spotify and have not received a response.  Please help if you can.




@meahtenoha wrote:

@Jennniboard - I've just moved your post to this more relevant thread. 


That upgrade has gone through for you. Just do a quick log out/ log in and a clean reinstallation if necessary. 




I got charged for the monthly fee (5 euros), but I don't have premium, and I already tried relogging, reinstalling, etc.

I did not get an email confirmation from the payment, and my spotify account says I'm premium.


What to do?




I signed up for premium and the money was taken out of my account already but it still says that I am on the free account. I've tried logging off and on, and also reinstalling the app. I haven't gotten an email for my payment either. I have no clue what to do now. Please help!

I signed up for premium on my apple account and the money has been taken out of my account already for this month. On my apple subscriptions manager it says I have an active spotlight premium account however on spotify it says that I am on the free account. I've tried logging off and on, and also reinstalling the app however this has not worked.

Still doesn't work

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