Subscribed, but not getting Premium?


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I just signed up last night for the free 30 day trail and desktop version works fine, but iphone client still shows xx hours remaining of trail??


Have done what was suggested in the first post.  

- Check subscription which is Spotify Premium

- Have signed in and out of both clients and web account administration

- Have done a clean install on both clients

- Have tried changing facebook password


Anything else I can try?

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I have had Spotify Unlimited for a while but it's just started playing adverts on my account? Can you take a look for me?

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me han regalado premium por 6 mesesestá pagado y no está activado!

Paid for subscription and is not working

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I just paid for spotify premium and its not working on any mobile devices. I see that this is a common problem with people and have logged out and in several times to no avail.... Please resolve the issue ASAP. I also really don't like how difficult it is to get help with this application. The help tab should link to a help desk email or phone number, and it took me quite a while to find this route to petition for help...I am extremely frustrated with this site. Please adjust or cancel my subscription. 

Re: Paid for subscription and is not working


This exact same thing is happening to me!! So frustrating!! It works on my desktop but not iPad or iPhone! 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

collinconnelly - Can you please confirm how you're logging into your account? Are you only using your 'collinconnelly' username (not your email)?

snackattack - You haven't logged into your account since the upgrade. Are you using your FB email and password?

grimezy - You might be experiencing a different issue here. Are you receiving the Premium service despite that message?

Felipe2015- You'll just need to follow the steps in this post using your 'phillywilly10' username.

ger_12_ad - I hope English is alright for the time being. Right now you haven't activated any codes on your account. You've just had the 2 day trial.

Did you purchase a gift card or an e-card?

Re: Just upgraded? Not getting Premium?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Lamla - Your upgrade has definitely gone through. How's that working for you now?


clkeller22 - You've actually made two accounts with us. Check out this support article for more help!

When I added my new iphone, my wonderful playlist disappeared!

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How do I get my playlist back? It just disappeared when I added my iphone.

Re: Just upgraded? Not getting Premium?


For me the log out and log back in (step 2) didn't work on my iPhone but before I tried a clean reinstall (step 3) I did the following:


  1. Logged out in the Settings of Spotify.
  2. Hit the Home button to exit the Spotify app.
  3. Double-clicked the Home button to see recently used applications.
  4. In the menu that appears at the botton I held Spotify for 2 secs until it started wiggling.
  5. Closed Spotify by hitting the red minus sign.
  6. Hit the Home button to make the recent app menu disappear.
  7. Re-opened the Spotify app.
  8. Logged back in and my premium subsciption was now recognized.


Re: Just upgraded? Not getting Premium?


I did the clean reinstallation and my iPhone is still not recognizing that I am a premium user.