Subscribed, but not getting Premium?


Subscribed, but not getting Premium?



If you've paid for Premium but can't use your Premium features (ad-free listening, download music for offline listening, etc.), try the following:

  • Log out and back into your account
    Occasionally this is necessary to force a sync of info between your device and our account system
  • Check the status of your subscription
    Go to your subscription page and check that your Premium subscription is still active. 
  • Check the status of your payment
    If your Spotify payment is marked as 'pending' on your bank statement, it might not have gone through successfully. For more information, check out payment troubleshooting.

    A pending charge is a part of your bank or credit card company's authorization process. When you submit a payment, your bank or credit card places a temporary authorization on the funds. If the transaction doesn’t successfully complete, no money will be taken and the charge will soon disappear. The time this takes can vary, depending on your bank/credit card company. For more information, contact your bank/credit card company.
  • Check that your Premium subscription isn’t on another account
    You might be logged into the wrong account. It's possible to create multiple Spotify accounts, each with their own login details, saved music, and subscription. 

    Check to see if you have any other accounts



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I just upgraded to premium and I'm only able to use the free version. I signed in using my username and I signed in using my FaceBook account and nothing has worked. Please help! Thanks!


I have no audio with Spotify.  this is the third time in the past two months.  It is getting ridiculous. Plwase help

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i lost my phone'download spotify bud linked witth facebook,and is not the account that i have premium,my wife have spotify app and on her phone is the one with the premium,but i cant find the user name or i don't remember th password..


Cant access Premium, although I have been suscribed for almost a year now. First lost it at my iphone, now at my desktop. Lost all my playlists too. My web account profile says my premium suscription is OK and active, but I can only seem to access the free version. Tried loggin Off/On, reinstaling app, etc but nothing works.

Please Help! 


The charge is recorded in my bank account but I have not gotten any emails with the receipt... what do i do? I should be subscribed but it still says that I am not.


I have signed up for spotify premium with the student discount and I got charged three times. Also, I've tried all the steps you've mentioned and am still under spotify free and not premium.

Hola cree una cuenta de spotify premium!!! solo que perdi mi celular!! pero cree otra cuenta en este otro telefono mi numero es el mismo pero no recuerdo mi contraseña de la anterior cuenta y no me permite usar premium 😞 mi correo es perlawkw@hotmail espero puedan ayudarme!!!

$4.99 have been withdrawn from my bank account but I do not have premium

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i tried signing up for the $4.99 student premium, i saw you had to be in college after i put in my card # and i thought i canceled it. you guys charged my card, but im not receiving the premium features. it still says im on a free subscription.

I was subscribed to Premium, had a problem with the credit card and went back to Free, then I solved the problem and got the receipt and everything in order, but now I appear as Free and don't have any of my songs and lists I had saved before! Help! The order ID is MHG52TYD84


Hi, my name is Jose and I'm having trouble with my Spotify subscription.


I signed up for Spotify Premium and have had no problems with the service until today. Now when I'm logged in, it says I have a free account!


I'm hoping someone can help me get back to premium.


Thanks in advance 🙂



Hi, i´m Alex from Austria and i have the same problem like you.

I have Premium since the beginning of Spotify and everything worked fine.

Since about 1 week it shows my account es "Free" and all my Playlists are gone!


I´m a Mac user and the problem appears since i updated the OS to El Capitan.


Sadly there is no way th contact anyone from Spotify directly. No emailadress and no phonenumber.


It seems that there are many more users with the "Free" problem and i found no comment  from Spotify at all to this issue!!


I´ll wait a couple of days and if there is no solution i´ll change to apple music.


@ Spotify: My username is Al Del (Facebook Login)


regards, alex

I have buy premium and for two times now i have not get it, it's still Free. Would really want to know why there is a problem, i had premium before without this issu. And i really want to listen to my music, can you please help me!
my order nr is MJ5QQ692WG i apple store
Best regards Carola

Hi there, I signed up for a 3 month free premium version via PlayStation and it seems it hasn't worked? Could you help me with this admins? Regards


I just signed up for student offer 4.99, spotify immidiately charged my bank account but i am not getting premium.. tried to uninstall and reinstall, and no i dont have any other account.

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Some people here have been waiting for more than a WEEK with no answer from the moderators. Reminds me of a scammer's attitude after taking people's money: silence. Again, I got charged 5 times in a row and it still says I'm a "free user." I have physical evidence of said 5 payments. I don't even want the service anymore, I want all of my money back.

Hello i paid for spotify premium but it doesn't give me the premium upgrade i'm still on free

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A quick reply would be nice??!!

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Just subscribed to Spotify premium through my apple id on my iphone, subscription is still appearing as free.
Tried uninstalling and reinstalling didnt work, tried logging in and out and still didnt work...looks like ive hit a wall -_-


Okay uhh well I got a message saying premium unavaible in your region or something like that and it took my 12.99 and that pisses me off so much cause now I can't buy it again and now I cannot listen to my music tonight. My account is pepethefrog666 and the email is



I have been trying but I still have issues with Premium.

I tried logging out//in again, reinstalling the app, and still without Premium.