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Subscribed to premium but its not working

Subscribed to premium but its not working

I have seen many people having similar problems but none is quite like mine and none of them I was able to see an annswer that helped me. So...


I am subscribed and was enjoying premium for a few months, but since I never logged out I have no idea which email and password I was using for that account. Now that I switched from android to iOS and tried to log in to spotify and since I only use one email and have a master password for nearly everything (the one associated to this account Im using right now) I tried that and it worked just fine, but I noticed none of my playlists were there, I dont remember my username but I had seen it before and Im pretty sure it didnt have that many characters so basically it feels like a totally different account, not to mention it is not premium and thats what pisses me off.


but here's the most intriguing part, the email Im using to this account is the one that receives every email about my subscription payment, I have all of the ebanx subscription payment emails in this email associated to this account so doesnt that mean that this email is actually the one I bought premium for? then why does it look like a totally different account with no subscription??


edit: btw, this is the only email I have so the only other option I could think of was that I signed in with facebook, but I checked and theres no spotify account linked to my facebook. 


To resume, Ihave no idea which email, username and password my premium account is. Can I get access to it by providing my payment info?




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You can open a ticket here, the customers service is pretty quick to answer :

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