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Subscribtion problem due to new credit card number

Subscribtion problem due to new credit card number



Last month I got a new credit card number and due to this I have got problems with the payment of my premium account. Spotify does not work because this month my account is not converted to a premium account. I entered my new numbers from my new credit card but spotify is still not working.

Does someone know why? and maybe help me with a solution?





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Just had a look at your account, Chris. Indeed, the payment details appear not to have changed yet. You might want to try the process again using a different internet browser - Google Chrome, Safari, so on. 

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I am having a similar problem. New card number and it won't let me update my card info. PLEASE HELP! 

my debt card that has been billed successfully for months has expired.  i cannot enter the new expiration date or cvv to continue service.  it is declined and that does not make sense as it was used, before the new card arrived on 2/15/12 for the $9.99 payment.  help.

This does seem to be a bug with the software. I had the same problem when the bank sent me a new credit card. I've been using my new card dozens of places and replaced the billing information on dozens of e-commerce sites, but Spotify is the only one giving me a problem. 

Hey and welcome to the Community.

Try deleting Credit card details first and then you can add a new Credit card details.

And by the way, I am trying to change from within the Spotify application on my computer rather than any browser. I am finding it a bit frustrating and insulting because after all, I do want to support and pay for the service. If Amazon and EBay and dozens of other sites can quickly make the change, Spotify should be able to also. Please advise.



Log in to Spotify application

Click your name/username (where you see a Facebook picture of you)

Click Account...




Log in with your details to




Go to your Profile in the site

Go to Subscription

Go to Payment method

Remove your Visa payment method

You should see You do not currently have a payment provider connected to your account. Add a payment method

Add new Visa card details with link.


Hope this works for you!

Hey can you help me IM having the same problem but I want to change my card to my debt card and have tried several different ways short of deleting my account.

Hi hpguru,

Thanks for advice but done everything you said and still no joy ! Cannot get my upgrade even though spotify have mailed me a receipt for my unlimited I bought about 30 minutes ago! Its still sying "tou have exceeded your 10 hour limit" and wont show my upgrade. Ss not sure what else to try ???

Heres why, I just had this issue with my new card. If it is a Visa, they wont accept any charges less than $0.01. So the $0.00 charge that spotify does when you add a new card is being declined. I contacted my bank and there is no exception to this. If spotify were to just charge a penny, the card would go through. I have tried to contact spotify. Doubt ill get a reply.


e3syler - Which step in the process is giving you some trouble?


First I'd make sure your card meets all of these requirements:


Then open your sub page in another browser and give it another go. 


gosia100 - I can confirm your upgrade has gone through. How's that working for you this morning?


Be sure you're signing in with your 'gosia100' username. 


Skyler2020 - Your email has reached us. You'll be hearing from our Payments Team shortly. 

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