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How much music can be loaded onto my account to be played in shuffle?

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@meahtenoha wrote:

Hi everyone, 


Spotify no longer offers the Unlimited tier for new subscriptions. When a customer changes their payment method, their subscription is reset as new.


If you have any other questions about your subscription please reach out to the team via the contact form, thanks!


 so is everyone forced to use Premium now?  I never changed payment method or anything and was just upgraded to Premium without any notice whatsoever. Just checked my emails from you it is only music suggestions and the receipt from paypal is suddenly 99 instead of 49 SEK in August.


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What if you were on Unlimited, and change your debit card? I can't seem to get it back - surely this isn't a 'new subscription?' I don't want Premium....


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I don't get why on a mobile you can't choose your songs.

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Hi @dilly1709,


Currently only Premium users can play music without having to use the Shuffle button.

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Re: Subscription Comparison Chart


Hello Peter and others,


The table (be it from january 2014) was a helpful comparison. One element that seems missing is the presence/absence of a commercial banner in the Desktop programme/Mobile App. I have had an Unlimited subscription for 5 years now, and just recently noticed an add-banner that was never there. Have the rules changed, or is something wrong here? Seems rather odd that one pays 5 euros a month for something rather close to a Free subscription and still gets banners....


Hope anyone has an explanation for what brought the banner into existence here. 

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Such a shame that this once brave and innovative company has consciously not announced he fact that "unlimited" is now dead. Premium after six months just wasn't better enough than "unlimited". Spotify's carefully crafted ambiguity in the unsubscribe workflow is appalling and unethical. I feel tricked and done over and have now pulled out of Spotify completely. Such a shame.

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My phone will not pick up the Premium I have but my tablet will! And you are charging me $10 monthly!! Please help!

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Hi Peter, very useful chart, even though a little dated, and I note you remain very active on current issues, particularly the massive storage eaten up by Spotify on the iPad platform. I have only just joined Spotify so you my think this is a dumb question. If subscribe to Premium on my PC are all the options also mirrored on my iPad, and vice versa ?



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This chart is all wrong. Unlimited should say "Desktop only" on everything.

There's a 1-song limit before it goes into random or "radio" mode.


That sort of crippled functionality would actually be great for a free demo version,

but I can't understand how Spotify gets away with treating PAYING customers like that.


That's the Spotify business model for you:

"Pay for nothing, deliver nothing, charge for everything."