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Subscription and payment

Subscription and payment

Hi, I avail of the premium account and I was charge of the promo. My question is how come I'm still on my free trial and I can still see the Upgrade to Premium at the top right of my board.? I don't get it. Trie d looging out and in in your  suggestion page. f I was on thee free trial I know that I wouldn't be charge of anything.  I am  not sure if you have any customer service number or anything. Help! Help! Thanks!

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Hey @sammysoll,


You can only sign up for trials or promos if you subscribe on directly. 


If you've also used that payment method (credit/debit card or PayPal) to previous set up a subscription (even on a different account), you won't be able to get the offer.


Spotify doesn't have telephone support, but you can always reach out via the Contact form or send a tweet to @SpotifyCares.


Hope that helps 🙂

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