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Subscription renewal

Subscription renewal

I have just received an email in which I'm notified Spotify took money from my paypal account without me being notified in advance. I've had the £0.99 subscription until today and it automatically renewed even if i didn't want it to. I haven't got any notification in advance that it will switch from £0.99 to £9.99.

They should not do this as there are people that are forgetting they have a subscription and you should send them a notification in advance with a few hours at least to let them know what will happen.
Now Spotify charged me with £9.99 and i am not using the premium service at all.

I request a refund because i don't want to pay for something in not using. 

What can i do in this situation?

Thank you.

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Hello @SlySkill and welcome in the community!


Refund requests get reviewed by Spotify staff members so if you want to ask for one, use the contact form. Simply follow the right steps until you come across a bright green button "I still need help" . After you fill in the form and send it, should you receive an automated mail directing you back to the help pages, please make sure to reply to it even if it's a no-reply.


Hope this helped!



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