Subscription that wasn't mine

Subscription that wasn't mine

hi, Ive looked at my subscriptions and on the 29th April apparently i started one with something called Telia. This is nothing to do with me, so can it be stopped ASAP? I have no idea who is paying for it.



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Hey sputnix, welcome to the Community.


That's very strange, Telia are a Swedish telecoms company who we offer a susbcription deal with. But I can't see how they will have started a subscription for you without your knowledge.


Could you get in touch through our contact form and let me know your case number? I'll make sure this gets followed up.

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my case has been escalated to the payments investigation team. I'll let you know when they respond.

I havent been given a case number yet. They asked for screenshots of the receipt and I havent heard anything since I sent them on Tuesday. I sent them again today just in case the email wasnt received.

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