I just subscribe to a family premium but when i try to use spotify app on my computer, it says that i am still on spotify free. But when i login through the website, it says im premium. My iphone app is working fine though. When i tried to look for the problem , it says that i have 2 accounts, one through facebook and another through email. And i don't really remember making an account through facebook. Even if i did, how can i delete that account? and how do i make the spotify app premium?

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Hey! If you don't remember creating an account through Facebook, no worries. You could be logged into two different accounts on the web player and the app. If that's the case, then you can just log into the one with Premium on the Spotify app. If you want to delete your Facebook account, remove Spotify from your list of connected apps in settings. If that account is the one with Premium and you want to transfer it to your regular one, fill out the online contact form and the team will take a look.