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Suddenly songs from playlist are "not supported on your country"

Suddenly songs from playlist are "not supported on your country"

I have a premium account because I travel on business each week an thought it is a good way to listen to music. Now I realize that songs all of a sudden that have worked before in my playlist, make problems now in some countries and dont work anymore.

Sample attached showing a song from my playlist and giving the message that this title is at the moment not available in Austria.
I live in European Union, the singer is from European Union, I travel in European Union, what is this about?????

If my playlists (of a paid premium account)  do not work when travelling from an EU country in the EU, then I do not need a premium account nor would I need Spotify at all as then it is useless.

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With Spotify, you always access the catalogue from where your account is registered, regardless of where you actually are in the world so you will always access the same catalogue from the country registered on your online profile and payment method.

Any content that has disappeared or been removed is normally down to the record label or rights holder. Sometimes content is removed due to licensing changes, transfer of ownership or due to a request from the content owner. Unfortunately, it does happen and most of the time it is out of Spotify's hands. 

There is more information about missing content here, normally anything that has gone missing returns, so keep an eye out!


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For me it's even worse, I'm travelling in Asia right now and all of a sudden no access anymore to my account. When I log in I get a message that the country in which I am is not matching the country I live in.....that's a real bad service by Spotify. You can't travel when you want to use Spotify ?

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