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Suggestion for future spotify use

Suggestion for future spotify use



I have the following setup in my living room:

HTPC, LCD-TV (non-smart), analogue 5.1 Hifi.

Currently I have media center and win7 running on the HTPC and using Spotify on it as well.


The HTPC is supposed to be gone soon.

It's supposed to be replaced by an AV-Receiver.

I now need an alternative for using spotify. I looked at Chromecast / AppleTV / Firestick(TV)

None of them has Spotify. Only via streaming from a mobile platform - AND I DON'T WANT THAT. 🙂

So, I looked in to a new SmartTV - Samsung 48 JU7590, welp - TizenOS, no spotify app.

So any suggestions?



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Anyone? No suggestions? For real? o.O

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