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Suspicious login to my account multiple times

Suspicious login to my account multiple times

Hi, some days ago I received an email that someone logged in my account from another country. The first thing that I did was log off from all devices and change the password with an unique one.

After few days it happened again from the same country so I decided to log off from all devices, remove the access from all the apps that there was associated, uninstall and re-installed the android app and the windows app and choose a unique and very difficult password. The problem is that yesterday after few hours it happened again from another country, how is it possible?

On the phone I have android stock (I also checked for virus) and the original app and on the computer I have win10 without virus.

Is it a problem of your servers?


Thank you and I hope you can help me

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Sorry is in the wrong section and I can't remove it

Hey there @Cariparma!


Great work so far with your troubleshooting. Once you've done that I'd recommend reaching out directly to Spotify which you can do by using the Second step in this Support article called 'My Account has been taken over'. their dedicated teams will be able to take a look over your account and get this all back on track for you!


I also moved this across to the correct board for you!


Keep Well, 


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