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Switch between 2 profiles in single phone

Switch between 2 profiles in single phone

Plan: Premium

Country: Argentina


Device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro


Operating System: Android 12


My Question or Issue:


Hi!. I use Spotify on my phone on a daily basis. I also use it to play music for my kids when connected to the car using Android Auto. Is there any way to switch from my (adult) profile to my kid's profile?. I'd like to do this because playing kids songs is totally screwing up my suggestions and Discover Weekly. I'd like to keep things separated but using the same device if possible.


Thanks a lot!

21 Replies

Hello! Unfortunately, there is no real way to switch from an 'adult' account to a 'kids' account in the Spotify App other than not allowing explicit songs (Settings>Allow Explicit Songs>Off). You could also make a separate account on Spotify Kids or just turn off the 'Allow Explicit Songs' filter on the new account.

Shame. Many other streaming apps let you switch profiles seamlessly. Some even ask you for a profile right when you open them (Netflix and Disney+ for example). Furthermore, I tried installing Spotify Kids on the same phone, but it's not compatible with Android Auto, so I'm still stuck on the standard Spotify app.

This seems like a great idea for Spotify to implement in the future. Whenever ideas open up again, post the ideas of multiple accounts at once and maybe it will be accepted.

Hi there folks,


Thank you for taking your time to post in the Community and for sharing your feedback.


At the moment it's not possible, however there's actually an idea about this - [Account] Quickly switch between saved Accounts - The Spotify Community. You can give it a Like and Subscribe to the thread for any updates.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else.


Have a great Friday and start of your weekend 🙂

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

There's "actually" no idea because you (whoever did it) closed it several months before your reply.

Nothing has been done in this regards since 2016 or even earlier. I am disappointed with this too, would love to be able to switch account on my Android car radio and tablet at home. Back then simple account switching was already proposed as an implementation idea and the devs said "not yet"...

If this is an important feature for anyone, just lookup up other streaming providers, for example Youtube Music and Deezer apps allow switching account on the fly.

I came here hoping to find a solution to this problem as well.

The link you posted seems to be unavailable right now.

Is there another place where we can indicate support for this idea?

Hey folks,

Thanks for reaching out.

We've updated the post to include the most relevant live idea on this topic. 


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What exactly was updated? This idea has more votes than any currently "popular" ideas yet it isn't even listed in that category.

I've browsed the last few pages and no community manager or dev posted anything in this year. The idea thread just seems to be there to funnel the frustration of users for it to be ignored for almost SEVEN years now. This is actually sad and kind of pathetic... switching user profiles is such a basic functionality in all other streaming platforms since forever.

I suspect that if anyone in Spotify was old enough to have kids and understand the use case, i.e. your algorithm gets messed up!, they might be more receptive.

What a shame you cannot switch accounts - I was looking forward to getting my own 2023 Top Music list - Now its completely staged up with lullabies and white noise tracks 😞 I guess the only real solution is to get another device (iPhone/Android) with the sole purpose of playing kids music?

Spotify needs to do like Netflix and allow us to pick the user on the app so when two or 4 family members are in the car you can listen to eithers music, also so I can control different rooms playing music without having to log in and out for each room playing or without having to get up and physically change it. I opened Spotify on my browser and added a home screen bookmark but the experience isn’t the same cause it tries to push you back to the app. Unfortunately all these music apps are so worried about getting robbed they hinder the experience with lack of controls for the customer. It’s not much to ask for them to set up like Netflix or at least allow the owner of the account access to all the sub accounts on his app, technically he is paying for all of them.

Having just upgraded my account to a family plan I am very surprised to find out I cant toggle between profiles on a single device. This is the whole reason I upgraded. The kids and me all play our music at home and in the car. This seems like an essential feature to me. I will cancel the family plan again, this is useless for us.

Will you all help me blow this up!?!? Check out this other link, where a SPOTIFY MODERATOR says they have this feature, and even posts a picture of it! BUT IT DOES NOT EXIST!
The moderator posted their response in mid April 2024!!!

Thanks for the update. To be fair, the post itself clearly states the new feature "is slowly being rolled out for everyone". Please read it again. We have to be patient I guess...

This update is YEARS past due. It's the digital age. Updates like this
shouldn't take a month to push. They aren't even pushing to ios. So sorry
apple users.

Hey folks,


The feature is still in the process of gradually rolling out to users, so stay tuned and make sure you're running the latest version of Spotify so you don't miss out on any updates.


As always, your feedback on this is greatly appreciated - thanks for sharing it here.


Take care 💚

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Is it though? Does anyone have it? I certainly haven't found anyone with it.

Hey, app was updated yesterday (v8.9.38.494) and now I have the option to add more accounts.

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