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Switch from FB-based account to email-based account and keep playlists

Switch from FB-based account to email-based account and keep playlists

I'm going to delete my Facebook account, but I would like to retain my Spotify account with all the playlists I've created so far. I'm not sure how to switch my account over and make sure my Spotify playlists aren't deleted. Any help would be appreciated.

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I found this to work:

cohenfs Roadie   ‎2014-04-28 12:52 PM (3rd page, below)

"Deactivating facebook and keeping spotify without having to get a new account can be done if you have a premium account.  you need to log back into facebook so you will have access to your spotify account.

You then need to create a device password. Click this link to create a device password  

Once you receive an email and create your device password, log out/deactivate Facebook, then log into spotify on your device using your new numerical username and password provided. Enjoy!"


Worked for me too!

I'M having the same issue and the link you are providing does not work anymore . Spotify only offered me the option to create a  new account and not being able to use my facebook linked Premium Account. Unfortunately I also can not move my playlists .

Very bad Support by spotify and I can't see why they make it so hard for people that don't want to be on facebook anymore .


Test post

That is indeed bad! Yesterday it worked, that's why I reposted it. Weird.

It should be the same effort, connecting and disconnecting Facebook. I'm sorry it doesn't work anymore 😞

Hi everyone. Thanks for all the suggestions.
I ended up emailing to have them switch everything to a new email-based account for me. They walked me through a few steps, and we got it all taken care of fairly quickly.

Hope this helps some of you as well!

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