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Switching Facebook accounts connected to Spotify

Switching Facebook accounts connected to Spotify

Hello there.


A friend of mine has this problem. He just signed up for Spotify Premium and connected his Spotify account to his Facebook account as promted. Now, he realises that he really doesn't want his Spotify account to be connected to his real Facebook account since he probably will be sharing the Spotify account with his girlfriend. I didn't want to get in to all the details but I guess I wouldn't like my girlfriend to have access to my Facebook account either.


So, is there any way to switch the Facebook account you currently have connected to your Spotify account to another one, let's say her Facebook account or just create a new one?



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It entirely depends on how your friend created an account. If they signed up through Facebook, then that Facebook account they created it with would need to remain active. However, if they've had an account for a while and created it directly with us, they should be able to connect to a separate Facebook account.
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Thank you for your fast reply. He signed up just yesterday so I gues through Facebook. How would you suggest solving this problem? Could he cancel his Spotify subscription and create a new one which he then connects to another Facebook account?

Hi, I created a spotify account first and did not connect it. My brother was on my account, thinking it was his, and connected with facebook via my spotify profile. Can I switch to my facebook or is it permanently logged in to his? If so, spotify should get on that!

Just go to Preferences and click "Disconnect from Facebook". It's under the "Edit" menu on Windows and Linux, and "Spotify" on Mac.

I went to my preferences and it di not give me the option to disconnect and even if I could I would like to disconnect  my Facebook profile which i no longer use and reconnect it with my current profile and still have my music I had before.

@Eugahrelyt -- hey there, to transfer playlists between accounts you'll need to get in touch here and one of our support team will get back to you as soon as they can. They're not able to change the original "owner" of the playlist so if you wanted to edit them, you'd need to re-make them on your new account by dragging all tracks into new playlists.


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